5 Paws UP provides the best care for your furry friends!


I have started Day Care training.  Leave your dog with me for day care and I will do 45 mins of training, tailored to your dog and your needs.  

If you only want the training leave the dog for the hour and you just pay for the training.           ---------------------------------------------------------

I also have Board and Train too.  When your dog is staying with me I will do 45 mins of training with your dog per day or certain days. Tailored to your dog and needs.


More Group Classes to come.  

I'm still doing private classes.

About Me

My name is Jennyfer.  I have lived in this area on and off for 45 years.  I have been taking care of animals all my life.  I feel that a house is not whole without an animal in it.  I have had many jobs taking care of other peoples pets and I see their pets as a member of my family when I'm taking care of them.

I am a certified Dog Trainer and have a degree from Animal Behavior College.  I have been training dogs professionally since 2006.  But my parents say I have been training dogs and animals since I was three.  I took care of most of the neighborhood animals when people were away and trained some of their dogs. 

I have experience with all types of animals from horses to mice.

Services that 5 Paws UP offers:

Ongoing Pet Sitting:

This is for clients that need an extra helping hand at home.  Need someone to walk the dog during the day, exercise a new puppy or an energetic dog before you come home from work?  Call 5 Paws UP for your pet sitting needs.  Cats and other animals need extra attention too.

Overnight / Boarding (Camp Sleep Away):

Need someone to take care of your pets while you go on a vacation, weekend getaway, or a night out?  Call 5 Paws UP for all your needs.  I would take care of your pets in your home or in my own home. 

Daycare (Camp Play Away):

Need a dog taking care of during the day. Come let your furry friend play with friends while you work or do errands. 

Dog Training:

Have an unruly dog that will not listen.  I can help with the leadership that your dog needs to become a proper mannered member of the family and give you confidence to work and handle your dog by yourself.  I offer private training, group classes, and agility classes.

In Conclusion

My services include training, boarding, daily walks, feeding, playing with your pet, and clean-up. You can rely on me whether you’re away for a few days or weeks.  I  also provide daily dog-walking and poop scooping services. And I am just a bark, meow, or chirp away!

Contact Us

Jennyfer Roschak

North of Auburn, CA 95602

(Outside Lake Of The Pines on Combie Lake)



"Jennyfer is 100% reliable. She is always at our house when she states. We are never concerned that our dogs are  without care."

"Jennyfer is very tidy that we barely know that she was in our house.  I like a clean house and when Jennyfer first stayed I wondered if there would be "any clean-up".  I was so happy when we returned to find the house in the same condition as when we left."

"Jennyfer's Camp Sleep Away is the best.  My dog has such a great time at her house that he sleeps the whole day after he comes back."

"I like that Jennyfer screens all dogs that come to her home (Camp Sleep Away) to make sure that all the dogs will get along with each other.  And if there is a problem she has a place for the dogs to clam down and then join in the fun again."

"This is not a kennel, it is a private home designed for the dogs.  I like what Jen said "when the dogs are staying with me they are MY dogs for the time they are with me".  She took my dog to the river and the park.  I have a rescue dog and my dog didn't feel abandoned, she felt loved and was very happy to return to Jens house next time."

"We love Jennyfer and her boarding service!  All you have to do is met Jennyfer to know that she is a complete animal lover!!  We have a wonderful special needs golden and when we leave her at 5 Paws UP we know it is much like she will be right at home.  Jennyfer walks her, loves her and the fact the our dog is a big snorer...does not bother Jennyfer at all.  I whole heartedly recommend this boarding service.  In fact, I have recommend it to two or three people and they love her too!  It is really nice to have this wonderful service right here and close-by.  Thank you Jennyfer!!!!!!"